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Subarna Chatterjee Thakur

Subarna is a Bharatnatyam exponent and a disciple of the world renowned Guru, Thankamani Kutty. Throughout her dance career she has performed in acclaimed venues, both in India and in the U.S., where she has won hearts with her multifaceted choreography that is rooted in her unique training in several genres of dance.


She started her training at a young age of three and a half under Abhaye Paul in Kalamandir, followed by her tutelage under Guru Thankamani Kutty. She also has formal training in Manipuri and Chhau. She has trained under Bubai Paul in Manipuri and has had the fortune of receiving training from the famous Bipin Sinha. Her Chhau training is from the Jayram Academy in Purulia. She also has a Masters in dance from Jorasanko. In India she has worked on several projects with Mamata and Tanusree Shankar, and was the founding member of  "Chayanot Nritya", a dance organization still active in North Kolkata. 


She is now associated with Lakshmi Swaminathan's Natatjali school  of Dance, here in MD. Her passion for innovative choreography and dance, led her to co-found Ta Thoi in 2014.

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