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Digonter Khoje (2019)

Direction and Script – Paroma Sanyal

Co-Director – Aditi Bhattacharya




This is a fictional dance-drama that explores the controversial life of the famous Bangladeshi poet/novelist/playwright and director, Kobi Humayun Ahmed. Through an imaginary  conversation between the three women in his life, his first wife Gultekin, who supported his struggle as a upcoming author; his much younger second wife, actress and singer Meher Afroz (Shaon) and his fictional heroine Rupa, it explores the age-old fued between duty, love, inspiration and morality. .


The play opens with the death of the author and the wives arguing over his legacy.  Is it betrayal to follow one’s heart when in love and leave behind one’s dutiful wife and children? If is ok to kill that love and live one’s life as the good husband? Is such love with a much younger woman – love at all, or lust, a quest to stay young? The sacred marital vows and addictive love collide in this play to create a explosion of emotions that make us question our core values. It is Rupa, the author’s created fictional character, who brings peace and some closure to this vortex of uncomfortable questions.


Shows: Hridoybeena Annual Show, Nov 3rd, 2019

             Kauffman Auditorium, Nannie J. Lee Recreation Center

Show Poster:

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