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Amar Premer Golpo – My Love Story (2017-2019)

Direction and Script – Paroma Sanyal

Dance Director – Subarna Chatterjee Thakur




This play is a musical drama based on historical and fictional female protagonists and stories of the love, loss and triumph. It is presented as a conversation between the Indian Nobel Laureate poet Rabindranath Tagore’s wife, Mrinalini, and his sister-in-law, Kadambari, who was his muse and shared a special bond with him. Kadambari had a strong influence on several of Tagore’s works and was the heroine of one of his famous novels on the relationship between a young man and his sister-in-law. She committed suicide a couple of years after the poet got married. There has been a lot written on her life, her relationship with the poet and works of literature telling her side of the story.

Tagore’s wife Mrinalini, a young and uneducated housewife, however, is an unknown character, never having caught the fancy of the researchers. There is very little written about her in fact of fiction. This musical revolves around a conversation between Mrinalini and Kadambari, that explores their love stories and relationships through the lens of a wife and a muse/lover of the same man. It presents the other fictional female characters in Bengali literature from the past to the present as part of this conversation. The play is interwoven with music and dance to capture the mood of the different characters.  These fictional and non-fictional characters span the early twentieth century to the present and show that despite all progress, at the very core, the fate of women has remained unchanged, or rather for certain women, have gotten worse, as in the modern day, love is a physical commodity to the traded and bought by men.

The characters in the play end with the realization that it is up to them to stand up for themselves and walk the path of life alone, if need be.

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