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Na Lekha Chithi - The Unwritten Letter (2017 -  2019)

Direction and Script – Paroma Sanyal

Dance Director – Arunima Ghosh





The play is based on interactions between the protagonist, Nargis, the first wife of a famous Indian/ Bangladeshi poet and songwriter, Kazi Nazrul Islam, and the poet himself. The poet had left Nargis at the marriage altar when she was fourteen. After waiting for him for fifteen years, Nargis informed the poet that she was going to remarry.



The poet published an open letter in response to this, news and accused her of selfishness, of cruelty towards him, and her rejection of his love all those years ago. Nargis never replied to these accusations. This play imagines a seventy-year-old Nargis, listening to the radio and hearing about the poet's death. Overwhelmed at this news, she starts rereading that old letter and reminiscing about the past. She tries to compose what she would have written had she answered the poet's letter when it was sent forty years ago. The play shows an older Nargis and the poet sitting on two desks on two corners of the downstage. The poet is reading his own letter, and Nargis is trying to write her response. There is also a younger Nargis on stage who represents the past. Other characters are used as reflections of the poet's and Nargis's state of mind and often as the younger Nargis's reflection.



These characters emote through dance and are often the shadowy emotions left unexpressed by the main characters. The background score and songs used here are all creations of Kazi Nazrul Islam and in the public domain. The letter written by the poet, is part of a published book that is in the public domain.



Bongoutsav, North Carolina, June 1st 2019

Nazrul Conference, Virginia, September 16th, 2018

Saraswati puja, Anjali D.C. Virginia, January 13th, 2018

Hridoybina, Virginia, Sunday, May 7, 2017



Show Posters:

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