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Sreedatta Banerjee

Sreedatta is a trained Bharatnatyam dancer  who started her dance journey when she was four. Under the tulelage of Guru Anita Mallik, did her Aryengtram at sixteen.  She has performed  at various nationally acclaimed  dance conferences such as Nehru Children Scholarship, Dover Lane Music conference, Rajya Sangeet Academy , Khajuraho Dance Festival etc. Sreedatta  is a talented choreographer and her excels in various folk choreography.


Sreedatta's passion for dance goes beyond performing. She started teaching dance when she was eighteen and was recruited by esteemed institutions such as Saraswat, Banichakra and Surangama.


Despite being a  senior researcher in a Biotech company with tremendous demands on her time, her passion for dance continues as she performs and directs different dance show under Ta-Thoi .

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